Mantioba Potato Production Days, Conference and Trade Show, Jan 29, 30, & 31, 2019
Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB

A Great Canadian Potato Show

2015 Presentations

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Download linkAdam Gurr
My Experiences with On-Farm Research
Download linkDon Flaten
Sorting Fact From Fiction for Crop Inputs;
How to Sell Snake Oil and How to Test it with Proper On-Farm Trials
Download linkEd Lulai
Pink Eye: A Disease Or A Physiological Disorder?
Download linkHeather Gale
CHC - CanadaGAP Update
Download linkJeff Shaw
Safety and Health on the Farm and Resources to Assist
Download linkJoe Brennan
Addressing the Potato Yield Challenge in NB
Download linkNeil Gudmestad
Molecular Characterization of the AS isolates from Canada
Download linkNeil Gudmestad
Field and Storage Management to minimize storage rot losses
Download linkSusan Ainsworth
Phosphorous Acid - Applying What We Learned
Download linkTracy Shinners - Carnelley
Phosphorous Acid, Silver Scurf and the Fresh Market Experience
Download linkVikram Bisht
Biosecurity and Diseases of Concern for MB growers
Download linkWendy Durand
Building a Human Resource Strategy for Your Farm

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