Mantioba Potato Production Days, Conference and Trade Show, Jan 29, 30, & 31, 2019
Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB

A Great Canadian Potato Show

2016 Presentations

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Download linkKevin M. Folta
Will potato growers be allowed to benefit from new technology?
Download linkLoretta Mikitzel
Seed handling and tuber yield
Download linkRick Peters
Fungicide resistance in populations of the pink rot pathogen in Canada
Download linkRick Peters
Managing potato seed-piece decay
Download linkGary Linkletter
Biosecurity A Growers Perpective
Download linkIan MacRae
If they're corn borers, why are thet in my potatoes!?
Download linkIan MacRae
UAS in entomology
Download linkAndy Robinson
Getting the most out of Lorox (Linuron)
Download linkNeil C Gudmestad
Optimizing metam sodium fumigation on fine-textured soils
Download linkNeil C Gudmestad
Importance of Utilizing Locally Produced Seed
Download linkTracy Shinners-Carnelly
Bacterial soft rot: New name. New pathogen? New problem?
Download linkAndy Robinson
Understanding phosphorous acid on injury and uptake in tubers
Download linkRobert S Vernon
Wim van Herk

Wireworm control in potatoes and strategic in rotational crops in Canada

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