Mantioba Potato Production Days, Conference and Trade Show, Jan 29, 30, & 31, 2019
Keystone Centre, Brandon, MB

A Great Canadian Potato Show

2017 Presentations

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Download linkDr. Andy Robinson
Herbicide Drift on Potatoes is Precarious.
Download linkDr. Mathuresh Singh
Understanding Potato Virus Y complex in Canada and Development of a Comprehensive On-Farm Management Strategy
Download linkCedric Porter
The World Potato Picture
Download linkCherilyn Nagel
Speak Up!
Download linkDr. Rick Peters
Including Phosphites in Your Potato Disease Management Program
Download linkDr. Andy Robinson
Maximizing Yields with Fumigation and Nitrogen
Download linkDr. Tracy Shinners-Carnelley
The Future of Colorado Potato Beetle Management in Canada
Download linkDr. Amy Charkowski
Dickeya Dianthicola, A New Threat to Potato Production in North America
Download linkDr. Mathuresh Singh
Diagnostic Services for Dickeya and Other Potato Pathogens

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